New PDF release: 5 metros de poemas (Five meters of poetry) (Peruvian Poetry)

By Carlos Oquendo de Amat

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Crucially, Sheehan argues that non-referential pronouns (expletives) and preverbal adverbials, which can satisfy the EPP in Spanish, are subject to the same constraints and are thus deleted in the phonological component as well. This captures the well-known observation that a number of D-bearing elements can in fact satisfy the EPP in Romance languages (see Pinto 1997). Under this analysis the EPP, regarded now more like an edge-feature than a D feature à la Chomsky (1995b), is reduced to the stipulation that [Spec, IP] needs to be filled and a number of elements (not just the overt subject) can satisfy this condition.

It will be shown that a derivation with a postverbal subject can converge in Spanish, and not in English, mainly because of crucial differences in the featural configuration of T, which have consequences on how the EPP is satisfied in each of these two languages. Chomsky’s (1981) first formalization of the EPP stipulated the obligatory existence of a subject or subject-related element in the canonical subject (Spec, IP) in fact not the case (see Casielles 1998; Suñer 2003; Ortega-Santos 2005; Sheehan 2006; Goodall 2001) and that preverbal subjects sit in a sentence-internal position.

G. quantifier raising (QR)) are semantically (and not syntactically) motivated. 12 It is argued that scope-shifting operations are legitimate when they are the only mechanism by which an appropriate semantic interpretation can be achieved: (5) Scope Shift (Fox 2000: 3): Scope-shifting operations cannot be semantically vacuous. The crucial point is that certain (semantically driven) operations like QR are not syntactically motivated and do not apply unless they have an effect on the interpretation of the sentence.

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5 metros de poemas (Five meters of poetry) (Peruvian Poetry) by Carlos Oquendo de Amat

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