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By Colin Wilson

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From the bestselling writer of THE OUTSIDER

Colin Wilson, co-author of the bestselling ENCYCLOPEDIA OF homicide, has written a definitive quantity at the world's significant circumstances of violent homicide. In doing so, he lines the heritage of violence from its beginnings. From Sawney Bean and his cannibal relatives to Ed Gein, the Wisconsin Necrophile, Wilson illustrates the "changing models of murder" and exhibits a few wish for the long run.

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I push the button in my booth that initiates the pulley system and the target sails toward me. The range consists of fifteen booths, each with a pulley system to move the targets backward and forward—from the booth to the twenty-five or fifty-yard mark. When I first came to the States I was constantly converting to metric, but now I’m used to the American way. The targets contain the impression of a person, an outline of someone’s upper body in black ink. My paper target arrives and I take a closer look.

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