Julie Holledge, Jonathan Bollen, Frode Helland, Joanne's A Global Doll's House: Ibsen and Distant Visions PDF

By Julie Holledge, Jonathan Bollen, Frode Helland, Joanne Tompkins

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This e-book addresses a deceptively basic query: what debts for the worldwide good fortune of A Doll’s House, Henrik Ibsen’s most well-liked play? utilizing maps, networks, and photographs to discover the realm heritage of the play’s creation, this query is taken into account from angles: cultural transmission and variation. Analysing the play’s transmission finds the social, monetary, and political forces that experience secured its position within the canon of global drama; a comparative examine of the play’s 135-year construction historical past throughout 5 continents bargains new insights into theatrical model. Key components of study comprise the worldwide excursions of nineteenth-century actress-managers, Norway’s delicate international relations in selling gender equality, representations of the feminine acting physique, and the sexual vectors of social switch in theatre.

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3 By 1920, these global touring circuits reached their geographical limits. The only overlaps between these tours happened in cosmopolitan cities where performances were given in three or more languages: New York, St Petersburg, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, and Istanbul. That the world theatre market of the late nineteenth century was divided according to geo-political and language boundaries is understandable, but the successful integration of a play written in Dano-Norwegian into all these theatre markets is still remarkable.

2a). By the end of the nineteenth century, 300,000 Norwegians had settled in the Midwest, and Ibsen’s writings had travelled with them to the Americas. From the 1870s, his plays were part of the curriculum at the University of Wisconsin and the Luther College in Iowa. In 1882, an adaptation of the play The Child Wife was staged by amateurs in Milwaukee, where the German speakers were familiar with Ibsen’s work; the source text for this adaptation into English was Wilhelm Lange’s German translation (Haugen 1934, 396).

This is a particularly rich field: there are 155 translators listed as contributors in IbsenStage records prior to Ibsen’s death in 1906. But our interest lies in performances and cultural transmission by artists across space and time: groups of artists travelling together in global touring productions, and individual artists moving between productions over the length of their careers. We use maps to visualise the major distribution routes used by artists to tour productions of Et dukkehjem. To create these maps we looked at the movements of 16,074 artists in productions of Et dukkehjem to find those connected with performances in three or more countries.

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