A Kiss Gone Bad by Jeff Abbott PDF

By Jeff Abbott

ISBN-10: 0748129731

ISBN-13: 9780748129737

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Whit peered inside Pete’s broken mouth, bringing his flashlight to bear on the damage. The tongue, the back teeth, the palate, the uvula, the smooth pink walls looked exploded. The back of the mouth was a gruesome tunnel boring to the brain. Pete had his lips wrapped neatly around the barrel when the gun went off. ’ Eddie Gardner asked conversationally. He had returned with his camera. ’ He spooled film into the camera, still smirking. ‘Love the shirt. ’ Whit ignored the jab, leaning close to the gun.

A few minutes later, Mosley sauntered across the street to the courthouse. You dirty little freak. You’re nothing, not worthy to touch her, know her tears. I’m not the nothing. You’re the nothing. Mosley fiddled with the courthouse door and ducked inside the darkened building.

The Explorer pulled out into the street, and the small crowd of onlookers parted to make way for it. One of those magnetic signs was affixed to the door, white letters bold against a stylized red-and-blue background: KEEP WHIT MOSLEY JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. The Explorer passed within three feet of the Blade, and he saw his Darling’s face, leaning against the passenger window. She had her fists pressed to her eyes. He heard the storm of her voice over the car’s motor as it shot past. The Blade hurried away.

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