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By Jean-Jacques Lecercle

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The aim of this publication is to offer an exact intending to the formulation. English is the language of imperialism. figuring out that assertion comprises a critique of the dominant perspectives of language, either within the box of linguistics (the booklet has a bankruptcy criticising Chomsky's study programme) and of the philosophy of language (the booklet has a bankruptcy assessing Habermas's philosophy of communicative action). The e-book goals at developing a Marxist philosophy of language, embodying a view of language as a social, historic, fabric and political phenomenon. on account that there hasn't ever been a robust culture of puzzling over language in Marxism, the e-book presents an outline of the query of Marxism in language (from Stalin's pamphlet to Volosinov e-book, taking in an essay by means of Pasolini), and it seeks to build a couple of options for a Marxist philosophy of language. The publication belongs to the culture of Marxist critique of dominant ideologies. it's going to be fairly priceless to people who, within the fields of language learn, literature and conversation reports, have made up our minds that language isn't only an tool of verbal exchange.

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Otherwise you couldn’t learn any of them. The basic structure of them, including the meaning of words and the nature of sentences, just has to come from inside. 7 Readers will no doubt have noted the exaggeratedly assertive, and hence imprudent, character of this position, which claims to know in advance what research will discover (and we can anticipate that research will discover what the researcher was determined to find at all costs), as well as the sole empirical argument, endlessly repeated by Chomsky.

At worst, the I-language is an object for scientific psychology, which will itself one day be reduced to biology. At best, it is currently the object of the science of language, pending the day when the advances in biology will render superfluous indirect description of the language faculty via grammatical structures which, whatever level they are envisaged at, can only be surface phenomena, effects of the material constitution of the mind/brain. This position has consequences for explaining linguistic phenomena.

The most important aspect of this theory of philosophy is the distinction between the correct and the true. Contrary to tradition, Althusser maintains that the theses of philosophy aim not at the true but at the correct: a correct philosophical thesis is one that enables adjustment to the conjuncture, which, in the last instance, is always the conjuncture of the class struggle. From this theory of philosophy we can draw, a contrario, a theory of science: a science has an object, concepts, and a method, but is exposed to ideology in the form of practical ideologies (formations of notions, representations and images in behaviour, conduct, attitudes, gestures: the set functions as a practical norm governing attitudes to real objects – I am paraphrasing Althusser’s Thesis 19)20 and SPS.

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