Adult and Pluripotent Stem Cells: Potential for Regenerative by Jürgen Hescheler, Erhard Hofer PDF

By Jürgen Hescheler, Erhard Hofer

ISBN-10: 9401786569

ISBN-13: 9789401786560

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ISBN-13: 9789401786577

There is rarely a space of analysis constructing so fast and elevating such a lot of gives you as stem mobile examine. grownup, embryonic and lately to be had prompted pluripotent stem cells not just foster our realizing of differentiation of endo-, ecto- and mesodermal lineages to all organs of the physique, yet premier nourish the wish that cells grown in tradition can be utilized for regeneration of diseased organs akin to the center broken via myocardial infarction. This booklet specializes in views of stem cells for regenerative treatment of cardiovascular ailments. in response to the EC consortium INELPY, it studies the sphere and disseminates significant results of this undertaking. therefore it introduces the reader to this interesting quarter of study and comprises very contemporary findings fascinating to the professional, spanning the sector from bench to bedside. The compilation of contributions is exclusive as there's but no comparable entire assessment combining stem telephone learn with preclinical and scientific assessment in addition to engineering of tissue patches for transplantation. As such will probably be a useful resource of knowledge for all researchers within the stem mobile and tissue regeneration box together with bioengineers in addition to for all clinicians drawn to regenerative remedies, particularly for ischemic cardiomyopathies.

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Circulation 94(9 Suppl):II332–336 Loffredo FS, Steinhauser ML, Gannon J, Lee RT (2011) Bone marrow-derived cell therapy stimulates endogenous cardiomyocyte progenitors and promotes cardiac repair. Cell Stem Cell 8(4):389–398. 002 Makkar RR, Smith RR, Cheng K, Malliaras K, Thomson LE, Berman D, Czer LS, Marban L, Mendizabal A, Johnston PV, Russell SD, Schuleri KH, Lardo AC, Gerstenblith G, Marban E (2012) Intracoronary cardiosphere-derived cells for heart regeneration after myocardial infarction (CADUCEUS): a prospective, randomised phase 1 trial.

849588 Kajstura J, Leri A, Finato N, Di Loreto C, Beltrami CA, Anversa P (1998) Myocyte proliferation in end-stage cardiac failure in humans. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 95(15):8801–8805. 8801 Kubin T, Poling J, Kostin S, Gajawada P, Hein S, Rees W, Wietelmann A, Tanaka M, Lorchner H, Schimanski S, Szibor M, Warnecke H, Braun T (2011) Oncostatin M is a major mediator of cardiomyocyte dedifferentiation and remodeling. Cell Stem Cell 9(5):420–432. 013 Kubo H, Jaleel N, Kumarapeli A, Berretta RM, Bratinov G, Shan X, Wang H, Houser SR, Margulies KB (2008) Increased cardiac myocyte progenitors in failing human hearts.

2010). In mice, c-kit-positive cells derived from bone marrow stimulate cardiomyocyte renewal after infarction without direct transdifferentiation (Loffredo et al. 2011). This effect might be attributable to paracrine factors released by the implanted cells on a distinct population of endogenous cardiac cells (Hatzistergos et al. 2010). While advanced age and heart disease did not affect the number of hCPCs (Itzhaki-Alfia et al. 2009), the effect on hCPC function and reparative properties is less clear.

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