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By José Marín-García; Michael J Goldenthal; Gordon W Moe

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Lehtinen MK, Yuan Z, Boag PR, Yang Y, Villen J, Becker EB, DiBacco S, de la Iglesia N, Gygi S, Blackwell TK, Bonni A. A conserved MST-FOXO signaling pathway mediates oxidative-stress responses and extends life span. Cell 2006;125:987–1001 67. Weinert BT, Timiras PS. Theories of aging. J Appl Physiol 2003;95:1706–1716 68. Haldane JBS New paths in genetics. London: Allen & Unwin; 1941 69. Medawar, PB. An unsolved problem of biology. London: H. K. Lewis; 1952 70. Clark WR. Reflections on an unsolved problem of biology: the evolution of senescence and death.

Gender Issues in Aging In a variety of organisms, including human, females live longer and sex-dependent genes influence life span [121–123]. The effect of a gene on a multifactorial trait is contingent on the physiological background in which the gene is expressed. If the age-related physiological scenario changes in 22 Post-Genomic View of Aging: Definitions, Theories and Observations males and females differently, the effects of a certain gene on disease or survival could vary between the sexes, which indicates that males and females may follow different pathways toward extreme longevity [124].

In the UK the Biobank initiative, is a project that will follow the health of half a million volunteers, aged 45–69, for many years, collecting information on environmental and lifestyle factors and linking these to medical records and biological samples. While the genetic component of longevity by itself is important, it may be of much greater interest to elucidate the genetics of the various individual phenotypes that together comprise the aging phenome, and in the aging phenotype in populations monitored from middle age to old age.

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