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By T. E. Bearden

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Development of a vaccine is impossible. There is simply no time to do that. Further, even if the virus was slow-acting, a vaccine could only be developed if the virus is stable. If it is unstable (constantly mutating), development of a vaccine is impossible. S. today is its total vulnerability to unknown BW viral agents. Absolutely nothing we have or are doing in our Department of Defense is of any consequence or protection against new BW viruses for which no vaccine is developed or possible. S.

If a Black Death could spread through the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. " The blood of every American — and every European, African, and Asian — should curdle at such words. We are now facing the very "Black Death" type of plague referred to by Russell in such glowing terms! Highly influential followers of the Russell philosophy — and his callous approval of the periodic slaughter of much of the world's population — may have continued to view the great destructive power of new viral warfare agents as the best means to achieve their end: Selective thinning of the world's population.

In the 1930's, a secret Soviet bacteriological institute was set up at the town of Suzdal. Prisoner microbiologists worked on a variety of new weapons and vaccines, including bubonic plague and tularemia (rabbit fever). By World War II the Soviets were prepared to retaliate vigorously to any use by the Germans of chemical and biological warfare agents. After the war, Soviet research and development in chemical and biological weapons continued apace. However, much of the genetic work was hampered by Stalin's stern support of the autocratic control of agronomist Trofim D.

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