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What coverage is better for the us to minimize the specter of Islamic extremist terrorism? contemporary American presidents have utilized substitute clash solution techniques. Clinton practiced clash avoidance, conversing difficult yet hardly ever retaliating opposed to anti-American terrorist assaults. G. W. Bush followed a fighter technique and the worldwide warfare on Terrorism and armed forces interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq mirror this method. Obama brought a 3rd replacement: challenge fixing and increasing peaceable overtures whereas maintaining resistance. Will the method prevail? Feste analyzes presidential rhetoric on counterterrorism coverage throughout the lens of factor framing, enemy aggression, self -hardship, and victimization expressed in numerous speeches added through those leader executives to spotlight and examine their clash answer concepts.

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This means states will be more often pushed into war by the fear of loss, that is, a serious deterioration in their position, than pulled in by a belief that war will improve an already satisfactory situation. Loss aversion implies that the restraints in a limited war are more likely to be broken by a side that fears that failing to do so will result in significant losses than by the side that believes that expansion can bring it significant gains. But how are gains and losses framed? Ultimately, policy options are structured around a reference point—where we are now— and what might happen if we act or fail to take action.

Framing is the process by which a communication source constructs and defines a social or political issue for its audience. A source defines the essential problem and outlines a set of considerations purportedly relevant to the issue. A frame is a central organizing idea for making sense of relevant world events and suggesting what is at issue. S. support for the other side). Nelson, Oxley, and Clawson (1997) show how the conflict in former Yugoslavia has been framed both as a genocidal war of imperialism between a powerful and blood thirsty invader and its helpless neighbor, and as a centuries-old ethnic and religious dispute that has only recently flared up after communist domination of the region vanished.

Frames go beyond describing a situation. Frames have normative implications, that is, they imply that a certain type of solution is called for. Schon and Rein say it is typical of diagnosticprescriptive stories that they execute the normative leap—from describing a problem to recommending a solution—in such a way as to make it seem graceful, compelling, or even obvious, and the sense of obviousness of what is wrong and what needs fixing is the hallmark of policy frames and of the generative frames that underlie them, and thus central to the account of frame conflict intractability that is implicit in policy controversies.

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