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12. In fact, they have not been seen experimentally, probably for at least two reasons: (1) We generally use a diode peak detector so that what we measure corresponds more closely to the peak value of V\ than 34 ARNOLD H. SILVER AND JAMES E. ZIMMERMAN FIG. 14. Experimental magnetization curves of a loop-coupled point-contact device with large ß showing high-order quantum transitions and asymmetry in field scan. Values of Ak as large as 6 were observed although the predominant values are 3 (increasing) and 2 (decreasing).

66). We again assume a linear current-phase relation and that the quantum transitions take place in a time short compared to 1/ω = Φ 0 /2π7 0 . The Fourier spectrum of the current sawtooth wave is a series of terms at ηω: n = 0, 1, 2, . . 1 μΥ. In the circuit of Fig. 15 the impedance transformation effected by the resonant input circuit steps up the voltage level at ω to the order of 10 μΥ at the preamplifier input. In order to observe the harmonic amplitudes using a fixed frequency detector at ω0, it is necessary to set the dc bias level such that V0 = Φ0ω0/2πη = Φ0ω/2π in order that the nth harmonic of the oscillation at ω fall at the detector frequency ω0.

The oscillator discussed above for a < 1 is described by the time evolution of 0O(O ; the fundamental frequency is just (ddQ/dt). If a > 1, 0o is a constant except for fluctuating terms which will be discussed below. 4 42 ARNOLD H. SILVER AND JAMES E. ZIMMERMAN rf CURRENT ( I , ) (b) rf CURRENT ( I , ) (0 rf CURRENT ( I , ) FIG. 20. Radio-frequency response of a resistive loop device operated in a circuit similar to Fig. 10. (a) Expected rf V-I characteristic, (b) Experimental curves showing the instability of the two solutions, (c) Oscilloscope photographs of the rf V-I curves demonstrating oscillation near the zeros of J0(θι).

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