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Conclusion In this paper, we have reviewed the framework of the corrosion enhanced plasticity model (CEPM), presented a set of slow strain rate tests on oriented single crystals of austenitic stainless steel and copper, and investigated two key points of the corrosiondeformation interactions by means of numerical simulation. 227. 22 Corrosion-Deformation Interactions The experiments on single crystals outline the key role of the deformation microstructure on the overall SCC process. Not only the glide plane orientation with respect to the tensile axis is important, but also the crack propagation direction.

K. Lian and E. I. Meletis, Environment-induced deformation localization during T-SCC, Corrosion, 1996, 52,5,347-355. Corrosion Enhanced Plasticity Model: Experiments and Simulations 23 8. B. D. Lichter, W. E Flanagan, J. S. Kim, J. C. Elkenbracht and M. van Hunen, Mechanistic studies of SCC application of the CAC model to results using oriented single crystals, Corrosion, 1996,52,5,453463. 9. D. A. Jones, Localized surface plasticity during stress corrosion cracking, Corrosion, 1996,5, 356-362.

1. Introduction Despite the intensive investigative effort and the significant progress in understanding the phenomena of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) since the last century, the fundamental embrittlement process is still under controversy. In intergranular SCC, cracks initiate and propagate along grain boundaries and a consensus exists that a preferential anodic dissolution process operates. On the contrary transgranular SCC (TSCC)is crystallographic [1,2] and cracking is believed to occur by environmentally induced cleavage.

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