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Hookworm infestation 9. Urinary tract infection and haematuria 10. Menorrhagia in female C. Malabsorption/ Impaired absorption: 1. Coeliac disease 2. Post-gastrectomy 3. Tropical sprue 4. Whipples diseases 5. Atrophic gastritis D. Nutritional deficiency: 1. Inadequate intake or improper feeding. Laboratory diagnosis of iron deficiency anaemia: A. Blood picture1. Haemoglobin- variably reduced. 2. Blood film- Hypochromia, microcytosis, anisocytosis, poikilocytosis. In severe cases target, elliptical, oval and pencil cells.

Appearance and Colour: Clear and colourless. 3. Pressure: Normally for an adult 60- 100 mm of H2O. 4. Specific gravity: Normally 1003 – 1006 5. Blood: Blood normally absent. 6. Clot: Normal CSF does not clot. B. Chemical examination1. Protein: Normally 150-450 mg/l. 2. Glucose: Normally 50-70 mg/l. 3. Chlorides: Normally 70-750 mg/dl (120-127 mmol/l). C. Cytological examination1. mm. D. Bacteriological- Normally CSF is sterile. 1. Smear: Centrifuged deposits are stained by Gram’s stain and Ziehl-Neelsen’s stain.

Paraneoplastic syndrome indicates occult neoplasm, in affected patient this may produce significant clinical problem and may even be fatal, mimic metastasis and confound treatment. Most of these are due to elaboration of ectopic hormones produced by these malignancies. a. ACTH or ACTH like substances in small cell carcinoma of lung. b. Production of PTH in SSC of lung causinh hyperparathyroidism. c. Clubbing of fingers in lung cancer, the cause of which is unknown. d. Venous thrombosis (known as Trousseau’s sign) found in pancreatic carcinoma, lung carcinoma due to hypercoagulability.

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