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C. t. (α') (iron alloys) 39 FIG. 82%C alloy) having (Oil), (Oil), and (101) internal twins, which are parallel to directions 1, 2, and 3, respectively. ) observed. The parts indicated by dotted lines are what are seen as midribs in the optical micrograph. Application of the field ion microscope to the study of martensite has recently begun. An i n v e s t i g a t i o n 1 1 '51 16 of α' crystals of F e - 0 . 8 8 % C - 0 . 4 5 % M n also revealed such internal twins of the {112} type, the width being 1 5 - 4 0 A and the spacing 1 5 - 5 0 A.

38 Amounts of y, a, and ε phases produced in an Fe-12%Mn-C alloy, (a) As quenched from 1100°C. (b) Hammered after quenching. (After Imai and Saito. c. p. the a' martensite formed directly from the austenite. Lysak a n d N i k o l i n 1 70 h a d also observed a' martensite formed t h r o u g h the ε phase a n d reported that the orientation of the a' satisfies the K - S relation, although the trans­ formation occurs via the intermediate state, the ε phase. T h e }>->ε->α' transformation can be induced by plastic deformation, like theγ-+ α'.

36b, where the ε plates appear adjacent to each other. In Fig. 36c, the ε plates are parallel to three of the four {11 l } y planes, and are thicker, exhibiting notches at the ends. This sequence suggests that thickening occurs by the successive formation of thin ε plates in contact with their neighbors; ε plates do not thicken by growth in the lateral direction. Β. 83% M n steel air-cooled from 1000°C. In a steel of this composition it is possible to display the y ε α' transformation process. The etchant used in Fig.

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