New PDF release: Measuring Biological Responses with Automated Microscopy

By James Inglese

ISBN-10: 0121828190

ISBN-13: 9780121828196

Content material: Dynamic GFP Sensors for High-Content research of the cellphone Cycle excessive content material Fluorescence-based Screening for Epigenetic Modulators improvement of Assays for Nuclear Receptor Modulators utilizing Fluorescently Tagged Proteins The Ligand-Independent Translocation Assay: An permitting know-how for Screening Orphan GPCRs through Arrestin Recruitment excessive content material Screening of recognized G Protein-Coupled Receptors by way of Arrestin Translocation mobilephone Imaging Assays for G protein-coupled Receptor Internalization: program to excessive Throughput Screening excessive throughput confocal microscopy for beta arrestin-GFP translocation GPCR assays utilizing the Evotec Opera G-protein coupled receptor internalization assays within the excessive content material Screening structure Screening for Activators of the Wnt/Fzd Pathway through automatic Fluorescent Microscopy A live-cell, photograph dependent method of knowing the enzymology and pharmacology of 2-bromopalmitate and palmitoylation Quantitative unmarried telephone stories of nuclear receptor functionality utilizing high-resolution HTM and snapshot analyses monitoring the movement of person proteins with semiconductor quantum dots improvement and alertness of computerized excessive answer mild Microscopy for cellphone established monitors Adenoviral Sensors for High-Content mobile research mobilephone established assays in basic endothelial cells to check a number of steps in irritation improvement and Implementation of Multiplexed Cell-Based Imaging Assays excessive throughput screening for modulators of stem phone differentiation excessive content material Kinetic Calcium Imaging in Drug delicate and Drug Resistant Human Breast melanoma Cells size and research of Calcium Signaling in Heterogeneous mobilephone Cultures Mulipliex research of Inflammatory Signalling Pathways utilizing a excessive content material Imaging approach iteration and Characterization of a reliable MK2-EGFP mobilephone Line and Subswquent improvement of a excessive content material Imaging Assay at the Cellomics ArrayScan(R) Platform to monitor for p38 MAPK Inhibitors improvement and implementation of 3 MAPK signaling pathway imaging assays to supply MAPK module selectivity profiling for kinase inhibitors; MK2-EGFP translocation, c-Jun & ERK activation. Assay improvement and Case historical past of a 32K Biased Library excessive content material MK2-EGFP Translocation display to spot p38 MAPK Inhibitors at the ArrayScan(R) 3.1 Imaging Platform improvement and Implementation of a twin goal MAPK excessive content material assay (MK2-EGFP translocation & cJun activation) to supply LO help for kinase inhibitors Compound class utilizing image-based mobile phenotypes excessive content material Screening: rising and software program applied sciences An Infrastructure for top Throughput Microscopy: Instrumentation, Informatics, and Integration Protein Translocation Assays: Key instruments for getting access to New organic info with excessive Throughput Microscopy High-Content Screening of practical Genomic Libraries Fluorescent protein-based mobile assays analyzed via laser scanning microplate cytometry in 1536-well plate structure High-Throughput Measurements of Biochemical Responses utilizing the Plate::Vision Multimode ninety six Mini-lens Array Reader structures mobile Biology in accordance with excessive content material Screening electronic Autofocus equipment for automatic Microscopy Fluorescence Lifetime think Microscopy Two-dimensional distribution size of fluorescence lifetime

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