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This publication contains the 1st systematic exposition of varied actual points of the orientation of electron and nuclear spins in semiconductors through optical capacity

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28)]. Note that eqs. (41) and (42) coincide with eqs. (25) if one changes ν -> ξ, if -> nv The dependence of the degree of circular polarization on deformation was used by Dzhioev et al. (1974) and by Vekua et al. (1975) for studying the deformation of GaAs epitaxial films. The effect of deformation on optical orientation in GaSb was studied in detail experimentally by Berkovits et al. (1976). These authors convincingly demonstrated the difference in sign of circular polarization for the transition lh-c and hh-c in the conditions when the deformation axis is parallel to the light beam.

The average spin may be also partially lost during this stage (see sect. 2). If, however, the initial energy of photoexcited electrons is not large enough, this practically does not happen. The spin relaxation of thermalized electrons may be described by a char­ acteristic time T s . Obviously if T s » τ the average spin value in stationary conditions is equal to the initial one: S = S0. Thus, the values of S0 given in table 2 represent limiting values of S corresponding to the case when spin relaxation during the lifetime may be neglected.

The decrease in amplitude of oscillations at the low frequency end of the spectrum is due to electron diffusion accompanying their drift motion. Similar oscillations are observed in the magnetic field dependence of ρ for fixed hω. 3. Hanle effect in η-type semiconductors It was shown in sect. 1 that in η-type material under usual conditions of surface excitation the electron spin orientation penetrates into the sample to a depth of the order of the spin diffusion length L s = ( Z ) T ) . This length is much larger than the depth at which the light is absorbed as well as the diffusion length L = (Dhr)1/2.

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