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By William A. Parkinson

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Yet he wishes above all to "set off on the path" (Descola 1996:304) and "see" the future, by seeking a new artitam, which initiates the next round of acquiring artitani soul power and of wanting to kill. By participating in many raids the warrior accumulates both experience in intertribal warfare and arutam power. " The haluirarn is respected and feared as an outstanding killer, he is considered mentally and physically strong, and above all, he is deemed invincible (Descola 1996: 305-6; Harner 1972:112-115, 140142,183; Kelekna 1981:128; Pellizzaro 1990:215).

The raiders dress for war with monkey-fur caps, hair wrapped into pigtails, fine toucan-feather crowns, feather-tufted bamboo ear-tubes, necklaces of jaguar teeth, pectoral or dorsal strands of oilbird (Steatornis caripensis) bones, and belts of anaconda skin or human hair (Figs. 7-8) (Karsten 1935:89-93). They apply black face and body paint; the black spots or circles on their faces can represent ''pangi (anacondal's spots" or "the mouth of thejaguar" (Descola 1996:295; Karsten 1935:492). The warriors' insignia derive from the stealthy jaguar and the great anaconda-the two predators they readily identify with, the human scalp, and the cave-dwelling, nocturnal oilbird that repels intruders with aggressive behavior and deafening screams (Descola 1994:75; Snow 1961:27,34).

The Shuar consider the boy's encounter with an artitam. to be the most important of all his childhood experiences; his very life is believed to depend upon it (Descola 1996:304; Harner 1972:91, 136). The boy learns about existing hostilities by listening to the men's discussions at their gatherings in the early morning and in the evening; the men discuss the most recent raids, the stratagems they have used, and the enemies they have killed, sometimes in the company of visiting allies (Kelekna 1981:57, 93; Cotlow 1953:239).

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