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By Sean Williams

ISBN-10: 0732279259

ISBN-13: 9780732279257

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ISBN-10: 159102644X

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Bechard returned with a glass of warm orange juice and placed it on the table next to his bed. Hadrian’s mouth was dry and his throat still raw from the chokehold. The bitter taste of the juice reminded him of happier times, of breakfasts and fruit-picking during the holidays. Tears came again, and he was glad to be secluded with his grief. An unknown time later, Hadrian sat bolt upright, clutching the bed, totally disoriented. His heart shuddered in his chest. Adrenaline gave everything around him a cold, brilliant clarity.

Sunlight slanted down through the buildings, cutting thin, dusty slices through the still air. Stone walls rose steeply on either side. The small of his back itched. ’ He cupped a hand and shouted. ‘Hello! ’ His voice echoed off empty glass windows. Hello there, they seemed to say in response, as though the city was talking to him in his own voice, acknowledging his presence in its domain but not welcoming him. Hadrian shivered. Far above, the sky was blue, but the sun eluded him. He felt very small in the empty streets.

I’ve got a good memory for faces,’ she insisted. ‘It’s the same one. ’ Seth pulled the collar of his windbreaker tight around his throat. ’ Hadrian was willing to be intrigued. He was in Europe, after all, the land of spy novels. It was easy to be caught up in the mystique of it all. ‘Three against one,’ he said. ‘Not good odds for a robbery. We’ve done nothing wrong, so he can’t be a policeman. I think he’s mistaken us for someone else. ’ ‘He does have a sinister air,’ Ellis agreed. ’ They giggled with delicious dread.

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